An Evolving New Model of Leadership

Implications and opportunities of understanding the brain in order to produce breakthroughs in performance. A definition of leadership we operate from is one who brings out the best in people.   Over the years in leading organizations and consulting to some of the worlds largest corporations leading large scale initiatives to elevate organizational performance I have ..

Understanding our Brains to Generate Extraordinary Performance

The brain is essentially a machine for finding connections, associations and links to previous experiences, and knowledge gained.  What is commonly referred to, as memories are actually neural pathways or circuits.  Neuro-scientists also refer to these circuits as “maps”. These maps are pictures of our experiences that are stored deep in the brain and can ..

The Evolving Field of Neuro-Leadership

The evolving field of Neuro-Leadership A way toward a new way of thinking, listening and speaking in organizations Brain scientists are increasing revealing more surprising findings about the human brain.  Applying what is being learned has enormous potential for leadership and performance and is changing the way leaders are communicating.  In the near future people ..


In our studies of organizations around the world, there are key components necessary to sustaining organizational performance. One of the key elements is authenticity. Excellent video from Mike Robbins at TEDx Greenbrook School – check it out.   &nbsp

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This is one of our favorite TEDtalks. It is from a Tedx in the Puget Sound Washington State. It is very closely aligned with us and our principles. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE WHY… What we would call the mission. Give us your thoughts. Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, ..


We often have teams involved in projects and increasingly are seeing our clients increasingly using teams on projects.  As there are behavioral and leadership challenges and opportunities in leading teams, we found this article worthy of sharing.  We welcome any comments pertaining to what actionable insights you may see after reflecting on this article. People ..

Mind the Gap…

Jerry’s weekly suggested reading… The authors deal with a question we hear from leaders and HR professionals alike “Why does so much education and training, management consulting, and business research and so many books and articles produce so little change in what managers and organizations actually do?” We have all heard the phrase “all talk ..

Salesmen, Cheats and Liars…

Another great find from Jerry…Most of us have read about integrity and honesty issues with high profile figures who have enjoyed a brilliant reputation often admired by many as role models.  The news headlines are full of these incidents from Lance Armstrong to Bernie Madoff, steroid use in sports, dishonest politicians and lobbyists etc.  What ..

Is it a life or death situation?

Jerry our resident quantum/brain science guy has another interesting article for your consideration. This is a light (pun) article on the emerging science of death. From Jerry: Is death another illusion? Einstein said “the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Recent findings in quantum physics reveals the presence of ..