Accelerate Leadership

Integral Performance works with organizations to provide a New Model of Leadership in service of elevating organizational performance. Based on cutting-edge neuroscience, this model provides organizations the skills and capabilities to reliably produce breakthroughs in a time of accelerating change and increased demands for performance.

Cause Breakthrough Performance

As experienced CEOs and senior business leaders, our consultants utilize a multi-disciplinary approach. Included are the fields of Neuroscience, Complex Adaptive Systems, Social Psychology, Ontology, and other disciplines resulting in accelerated leadership and breakthroughs in organizational performance.

Shape Organizational Culture

Integral Performance works with leaders of organizations to create high-performance cultures. We work on major global initiatives that elevate organizational performance by changing and shaping the culture. We view culture as the interconnected set of conversations that are occurring in organizations that determine what’s possible and not possible.



Using a Brain-Based Leadership Approach to Transform Culture, Accelerate Performance, and Bring Out the Best in People

Performance Edge


“Few organizations are so weak they can’t be saved, few so healthy they can’t be improved.”          — Gil Amelio

Profit From Experience


Enable Business Reinvention

Led by Brian Tracy, these world-class seminars are hands-on and highly interactive. At the end of this seminar, you will emerge with a complete plan to transform your business into a highly profitable organization and have the sustainability to create a high-performance culture and accelerate leadership.

Break Bias

The Breaking Bias Online Course encompasses a new change strategy for effectively, proactively mitigating bias. Unconscious bias isn’t an awareness or motivation issue, it’s a physical constraint, and therefore must be treated actively with senior leaders getting involved up front.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Integral Performance will assist and provide the tools necessary for robust and sustainable mergers & acquisitions. With decades of experience in global industries, we guide clients in accelerating results that transform both companies’ operations and repeatedly deliver a high-performance culture.


I am committed to a sea change, a complete transformation in the way leaders lead. Transforming leadership in ALL organizations is a requisite for prosperity and opportunity for all. It impacts everything.
Jerry Dackerman

Jerry Dackerman

Founding Partner & CEO