Programs and Services

Integral Performance has been delivering on major global initiatives throughout the world for over ten years. We offer programs and services that deliver results with velocity and reliably elevate performance. We are committed to our clients success through our vast network of tools and experience that lead to long-term sustainability for any organizational initiative.  Our programs provide clients with the ability to learn a new way of thinking, listening, and speaking using brain-based leadership, create a high performance culture, mitigate bias ahead of time, overcome inevitable crises, implement powerful mergers and acquisitions, and many others. Each client can have custom tailored workshops that are directly correlated to their current situation and intended business outcome.

Seminars and Online Courses

Business Reinvention and Crisis Management

Led by Brian Tracy, this powerful, practical 1-Day Workshop is hands-on and highly interactive. At the end of this seminar, you will emerge with a complete plan to transform your business into a highly profitable organization and have the sustainability to create a high performance culture and accelerate leadership.

By participating in this seminar, you will learn:

• How to analyze and improve your business model in 7 different areas

• How to design and organize your business for maximum sales and profitability

• How to succeed in business in time of crisis, rapid change and disruption

• How to identify the unique added value that only you can offer in today’s market

• Why 6% of the Fortune 500 abandoned Annual Performance Reviews and which systems and methods are replacing them

• How to avoid common pitfalls that cause 74% of change initiatives to fail and 74% of employees to lack engagement

• What high-performance cultures have in common based on a two year study we conducted for a “super-major” energy company

• Be able to powerfully and effectively resolve problems that may seem intractable, reducing time required to do so by up to 80%

“The science behind transforming our current leadership practices is doing for performance what Six Sigma has done for quality”

After completing this seminar, you will understand:

• How to identify multiple ways to increase revenues in every part of your business

• A powerful model for reinvention and innovation that you can use over and over

• Why people are misled by their “filters”

• How to use brain-based scientific research to create high-impact conversations that transform performance

• How your winning strategy is also the source of your limitations

• How distinguishing what you are known for can dramatically impact your ability to lead

• How to improve your thinking and the thinking of others, a key role of leaders

• How to distinguish the single most powerful leverage point for elevating organizational performance

• How to not only change, but transform culture

Breaking Bias Online Course

The Breaking Bias Online Course encompasses a new change strategy for effectively mitigating bias ahead of time. The course uses The SEEDS Model™ which has been proven through studies to eliminate bias in real time in teams.

Why this is an issue:

• “If you have a brain, you’re biased”

• Unconscious bias isn’t an awareness or motivation issue, it’s a physical constraint

• You can’t see bias in yourself in real time, but you can see it in hindsight or in others

By participating in this course, you will learn:

• How to focus on both business & people decisions: ‘Better Decisions’

• Why diversity & inclusion wont happen on their own – sameness ‘feels’ better

• Why just raising awareness of bias feels good but doesn’t do enough

• Bias is like a ‘disease’ – you need to know the cause to treat it

• How to label biases in any situation

• How to develop a robust framework to mitigate directly against a certain type of bias

After completing this course, you will understand:

• How to create If-Then plans – Make positive responses automatic in everyday activities

• How to create decisions guides – Step-by-step protocols for making key decisions

• How to implement preventative measures – Keep biases from being activated

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