Another great find from Jerry…Most of us have read about integrity and honesty issues with high profile figures who have enjoyed a brilliant reputation often admired by many as role models.  The news headlines are full of these incidents from Lance Armstrong to Bernie Madoff, steroid use in sports, dishonest politicians and lobbyists etc.  What is it about us human beings that causes this behavior and how can it be addressed inside the evolving Model of Organizational Integrity  that we will be dealing with in our May Event? created . Is this model an  access to reversing this alarming trend?

Having served as a Member of the Board of Directors of a major financial institution and  during a recent engagement with a global bank to determine the root causes of  major compliance issues and rogue trader activities which resulted in billions of dollars in losses over the past 5 years, I found this article valuable in its simplicity and relevance.

Wall Street to Lance Armstrong: We Understand!

November 20, 2012 | Nicholas Brack

Before I complain about all the dishonest cheaters in Washington or on Wall Street, I have to ask … how do you personally define “cheating the system”? You may be surprised to find where you really stand on this issue.

Duke University’s Dan Ariely is one of the nation’s leading thinkers on motivation and its economic impacts. And with our economy at its precipice after years of people cheating the system, today I’d like to take a look at why cheaters do what they do … and how, in the right context, we might be able to understand and even identify with their actions. READ MORE