2016 – Villa Campoli, Florence Italy

The Tuscany Retreat is a Leadership and Performance Training Program that focuses on creating powerful lasting results based upon the latest findings in brain science and its application to leadership.


What are we offering:

A world-class experience on a winery in Tuscany, Italy. In this event, you will participate in our Leadership and Performance Training Program that is being delivered to major global enterprises.

You will be developed in a New Model of Leadership that allows for immediate elevation in Performance and Leadership capabilities, and creates lasting and powerful results in your business and personal life.

Promises for the Course:

  • Dramatically elevate individual and organizational performance.
  • You will uncover and jettison what is holding you back as a leader.
  • Discover why telling people what to do is futile and rarely effective.
  • Learn how to unleash those around you to discover solutions for themselves; solutions which they will naturally and automatically be motivated to pursue with passion.
  • You will see how your strategies for succeeding in life are also the source of your limitations.
  • You will elevate leadership capabilities: you and others around you will have new access to produce extraordinary results.
  • You will create and sustain a High Performance Organizational Culture.
    o Ownership of objectives
    o Clear line of sight
    o A culture of accountability
    o A nimble and responsive organization will emerge

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