Leadership & Innovation Consulting

Integral Intuitive Customer Insights

For leaders committed to generating real value for customers, leading to new offering ideas solving high priority customer problems. Integral Intuitive Customer Insights enable you to engage your customers with intuition and empathetic listening. Informed by the fields of Neuroscience, Complex Adaptive Systems, Social Psychology, and Ontology to unveil unique insights even if customers cannot clearly articulate needs.

Unlike traditional conversations with customers and logic-based brainstorming workshops, our approach leads to disruptive, distinctive new solutions that solve real problems and generate tremendous value for you, your customers, your investors, and our communities.

Integral Innovation Leadership

For entrepreneurs developing new solutions needing to secure additional investment and attract reference customers. Integral Innovation Leadership is an intensive sprint using a proven toolkit and leadership mindset principles deployed in a compressed time frame. Create the compelling business case and narrative to enroll key stakeholders.

Unlike other innovation consulting services, Integral Innovation Leadership ensures you create a crystal clear:

  • Value proposition directly tied to the problem being solved for your customers
  • Value-based pricing to share the ROI benefit between you and the customer
  • The mindset and presence to powerfully engage your customers and investors in the disruptive value generated by your solution
Integral Agile Development & Delivery

For business leaders committed to accelerating time to market for new offerings. Integral Agile Development and Delivery optimizes your new product introduction process, skillset/team development plans, and go-to-market launch plans.

Our approach integrates the best practices of Lean methodology, Agile frameworks and processes, along with leading edge planning algorithms and a multi-functional (R&D, product management, marketing, sales, sourcing & manufacturing) organization design.

This powerful integration enables a step change in effectiveness of business portfolio success, go to market plans, and open innovation.   Integral Agile Development & Delivery can be combined with our other approaches to enable end to end organizational innovation agility.

Integral Leadership Acceleration

For business leaders impacted by disruptive market forces that need to pivot quickly in a volatile and uncertain world.

Integral Leadership Acceleration is a proven process integrating continuous customer discovery and a New Model of Leadership based in neuroscience. This practice enables a step-change in innovation and revenue from new offerings.

Unlike other innovation consulting services that focus only on market opportunities and strategy, our approach results in reliable, increased growth by addressing your company culture, enabling you to become a Disruptive Innovator.

Integral Sales Excellence

For CEOs and profit/loss owners at enterprise, mid-market, and private-equity companies seeking to achieve extraordinary revenue growth.

Integral Sales Excellence accelerates sales growth, enabling companies to generate predictable revenue and exceed sales targets by aligning the organization on 7 essential dimensions of revenue.