The Evolving Field of Neuro-Leadership

The evolving field of Neuro-Leadership A way toward a new way of thinking, listening and speaking in organizations Brain scientists are increasing revealing more surprising findings about the human brain. Applying what is being learned has enormous potential for leadership and performance and is changing the way leaders are communicating. In the near future people will be ale to impact problem solving in a way that will serve to enable people to perform beyond their limits in a remarkable way. In the ensuing weeks, we will be addressing some facts about the brain which until recently were not know. A few amazing facts about our brains:

The brain consists of over 100 billion neurons
Each neuron has 100,00 dendrites or roots which guide our actions and thoughts
The number of possible ways that neurons in our brain can be connected exceed the number of atoms in the known universe
There are 300 trillion constantly changing connections in the human brain

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